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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Make-Up

Free Consultation will be required before your first treatment.


Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, semi permanent eyebrow tattooing can provide you with the perfect look you have always wanted.
A colour refresh is recommended 8 weeks after the first treatment. Semi Permanent Makeup is available in a wide range of colours to suit every client.

  • Eyebrows £225.00
  • Colour Refresh within 3 months £95.00


This is a simple treatment that involves adding a fine line to your top or bottom lashes, using a pigment colour of your choice. And unlike using a pencil or liquid liner, the effect lasts up to 12 - 18 months.

  • Eyeliner Upper and Lower £195.00
  • Eyeliner Upper £125.00
  • Eyeliner Lower £125.00
  • Colour Refresh within 3 Months £ 95.00


Semi permanent lip liner is available in a choice of colours and shades that complements your complexion. This procedure perfects the shape and symmetry of your lips, it is smudge proof and cannot be licked off. Available as a lip liner or for a total colour, lip liner with colour fill.

  • Lip Liner £195.00
  • Lip Liner with Colour Fill £225.00
  • Colour Refresh within 3 Months £95.00



This innovative treatment is a light and natural form of Semi Permanent make up without using a machine. Hand drawn delicate ultra-fine individual hair strokes create the perfect brow lasting up to 12- 18 months.

  • Eyebrows £195.00
  • Colour Refresh within 2 Months £95.00

Tattoo Removal & Colour Lift

Lighten or remove unwanted brow pigment with the most popular and advanced Saline removal solution on the market.
It is the perfect treatment for those whose tattooed brows have changed colour over time or are no longer happy with their brows. There is little discomfort during the treatment and aftercare
is minimal, allowing you to shower after 48 hours. Healing can
take upto 7 days and the treated area usually looks better while healing.
Tattoo removal is a process and there is no grantee how many treatments are needed to achieve your desired results. We do say that a minimum of 3 treatments will normally give a good indication on how your brows respond to the treatment.
A free consultation is required before your first treatment

  • 1st Treatment £150.00
  • Subsequent Treatments £95.00

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