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Lash Perfect, the world leaders in eyelash treatments, product and innovation, welcomes Lash Revive to its portfolio: a lash growth serum with guaranteed results. Formulated with clinically tested, active ingredients, Lash Revive is a safe and effective way to lengthen and strengthen natural lashes in as little as four weeks, with optimum results in 8 – 12 weeks. This completely vegan formula improves the hair growth cycle, holding lashes in the follicle for a longer time, resulting in longer and thicker lashes fast! With ‘natural everyday makeup’ looks surging by 180% in searches through 2020/21 – reported by Pinterest – taking care of your natural lashes has never been so in-demand.

Formulated with Pro Vitamin B7 (biotin) to stimulate keratin production in hair and Plant Proteins to smooth, soften and add volume to the hair, Lash Revive is best applied twice a day for visible results in eight weeks. Red Clover Extract maintains the structure of the hair follicle whilst a Triple-Action Peptide Complex helps thicken, condition, and lengthen lashes from root to tip. Red Clover can also be topically used for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, meaning this gentle serum can be used consistently, delivering optimum results between weeks eight to twelve.

Compatible for daily use alongside lash extensions, perms and other treatments, when tested on consumers Lash Revive delivered 46% lash growth in eight weeks, over a cross section of ages, ethnicities and hair types. 

There are many reasons why the healthy hair growth cycle can be interrupted, leading to hair thinning and shedding all over the body, including lashes and brows – not just the scalp. Hair thrives on a plentiful supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals but stress, hormonal changes and certain medications can prevent the body from absorbing essential nutrients from food. As hair is ‘non-essential’ for survival it can often be the area that suffers. This safe and effective serum is a routine step that can effectively manage the strength and length of natural lashes.

With Google trends citing that lash serum sales have rocketed by 150% since the beginning of Covid-19, it appears that there is an increased demand in eye products perhaps owing to the prominence of face masks accentuating this area for beauty lovers. This, alongside a downturn in makeup application – because of restricted socialising – and a greater emphasis on beauty with long term benefits, makes Lash Revive the ultimate lash product of the moment! Lash Revive promises a safe, non-chemical product to promote lash health and appearance. With ‘natural everyday make-up’ looks surging by 180% in searches through 2020/21 – reported by Pinterest – taking care of your natural lashes has never been so in-demand.  

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