POST19 Safety

At Tahiti we are blessed with a light and airy salon, with the space to offer treatments adhering to social distancing. We will also be opening a NEW outside space for you to sit and wait should you arrive early for your appointment. This will avoid standing or queueing for reception.

If you are wondering when you will be able to secure your come-back appointment with us, we will begin calling those on our waiting list at the beginning of June.

To join our waiting list please call and leave a message on 01708 752158 or e mail on

Otherwise, we will post on out social and website the date when our phone lines will be live, which will be a few days before the re-open date. Keep a look out !

We thought you would like a taste of what we will be doing! Here are some of the changes we are making. Further, in depth details will be posted on our website as soon as the re-open date is confirmed.

• We will have a separate reception desk for incoming clients
• Protective screen will be on both reception desks.
• Controlled pathway for routes In and out of the salon.
• Personal PPE will be provided at reception. This will include disposable mask & hand sanitiser.
• We may be required to take your temperature
• Doors will be kept open as much as possible
• Floor markings will help guide you safely through the salon.
• We ask you to attend your appointment alone.
• Door handles will be wiped with sanitiser regularly.
• All magazines and promotional literature will be removed from the salon for your safety.
• Unfortunately, it will not be safe to serve hot or cold beverages.
• Water will be available using disposable cups
• Sanitizing stations placed around the salon and directly outside the toilet
• Toilet area will be supervised to avoid close contact with others, and cleaned regularly.
• Wherever possible pay by card or apple pay.
• Protective finger shields will be provided for when using the card terminal
• Online bookings will be encouraged
• Implementing a staff rota to limit capacity within the salon
• The salon will have a regular deep clean

• All staff will wear protective visors and use gloves/hand sanitiser, along with disposable masks where appropriate.
• Staff health will be monitored daily including taking their temperature.
• Treatment will be carried out respecting social distancing guidelines, to be specified by the government nearer the time.
• Individual treatment rooms will allow clients to enjoy treatments in privacy with their therapists.
• No towels or couch covers will be used
• All surfaces will be wipeable
• Protective desk screens will be used on the tables for all nail treatments
• Auto clave on site to sterilise all instruments
• All other items used will be one use and disposable, metal instruments will be sterilized for each client, including tweezers for lashes

We are happy to discuss any of your individual concerns, please feel free to speak with a member of staff at reception

Also see our POST19 treatments list.